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I'm on school holidays but I am bored and I want to study. How do I study for the next year?

I’d recommend making a start on a reading list! I’m not sure what school year you’re going to or what country you’re from but in the summer leading up to my GCSE and A-Level years, I’d go on the AQA website and make my way through a couple of books on the reading list of the subjects I was going to study.

If you’re in a country where your examining board doesn’t put out reading lists or your university doesn’t publish their recommended reading until closer to the start of term, I’d recommend looking at an online class in the subjects you’re studying!

Seriously - I swear by short free online university courses to combat boredom over summer.

to do list:

  • finish answering tumblr asks (really enjoying this game you’re playing of replacing each answered question with three new ones)
  • reply to emails
  • apply to a couple of internships
  • Buy Moleskines for class next year (WH Smiths)
  • Write down reading lists at the start of moleskines as index
  • Organise desk
  • Prep for J. Crew interview
hi! I'm not too familiar with the British placement/grading system and was wondering what the difference between A*AA and AAAs is and how they would transfer into the american grading system. Are they test scores or like marks you get in a class for the term? thanks soo much and in love your blog! :)

Hey! Thank you so much!!

So they refer to the grades you get at A-Level which are the final exams you take in High School. These exams are kind of like standardised testing I believe, as in everyone in the UK who takes the same subject on the same examination board will sit the same test at the same time on the same day.
We take three subjects at A-Level and a grade requirement of A*AA would mean getting an A* in one subject and As in the remaining two. AAA would refer to getting As in all three subjects.

Generally, an A* is getting an average of 90% or above in every exam you take, and an A would refer to getting an average of 80% or above in every exam you take. 

I’m not entirely sure how that would translate to the American GPA or SAT scoring systems, but the top UK universities usually ask for entry requirements between A*A*A and AAA.